The best way to hang the Sar wall hanger is to attach it to a wall, fence or post using two screws (or nails). This keeps the wall hanger in place even on a windy day.


The Sar wall hanger contains a watering tube, into which you can place an upturned plastic bottle. Excess water is drained through a hole in the bottom of the wall hanger. You can also fill the water tube with a watering can or a garden hose. On sunny days, watering once every two days is recommended. On cloudy days, once every three days is enough.

Is the soil still dry? Then you can soak the ground completely several times over a few days. You will see that the wall hanger starts to bloom again.

Fertilise (if necessary)

A Sar wall hanger contains all the fertilisers needed for months of pleasure. If you find you do not have enough flowers (or yellowing leaves) then you can add some bedding plants.

You can find care tips per type on the product range page.

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